History 102



Thank you to all of you for making this very fast summer semester so fun for me to teach! Check all of your scores and if you see any issues that would result in a higher course grade, please email me at my profkerr15@gmail.com email address....and have a great rest of the summer (even if some of you are still taking classes! :))

Update on Thursday dated announcement - NOW the guide is posted...somehow my post didn't upload. Thank you Melissa for letting me know!

Thursday, June 2nd

I have posted the study guide for the final examination under Study Guides in right-hand column. Note that there will not be an essay question - I realized today that it will be much easier for you all to study smaller pieces of information in such an intensely short period of time, so I have sets of short answer questions for you to respond to. These are to be answered fully and with details, not just with a few bullet points. We will discuss the study guide in class on Monday, and remember, we will have study sessions after class on Tuesday and Wednesday to prepare for the final exam on Thursday.


Wednesday, June 1st

Current Grades Posted Here - if you see a ng in a score section it means I want to discuss the assignment with you before I score it. Its easier to talk together about changes than to write all over your paper! :)


Thursday, May 26th

Hi all! The replacement assignment for today's missed lecture is at this link - Great Depression Video

Follow the directions on how to view the video and answer the questions. You will be discussing the video and your reflections in class on Tuesday.


Wednesday, May 18th

Study Guide for Midterm Exam is posted in the right-hand column, under Study Guides!

Monday, May 16th

Current Grades through Monday, posted HERE (doesn't inlcude assignment, Reading the Introduction, Prep 1)

I have posted the second term paper assignment in the column on the right. Please note that if you can't see the assignment, that column scrolls.


Wednesday, May 11th

I have posted the Lynching Postcards video under Documents in the right column of the webpage. I have also posted the slides from Unit One in the section titled Study Guides.


Monday, May 9th

Welcome to History 102, Summer 2016!

All of the resources you need that are not passed out in class are located here. In the right-hand column, you will find the syllabus, assignments, documents and study guides. When I post grades, I will do that in this column, in announcements.